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Improve Vocabulary and Write A Perfect Thesis Statement


 Have you noticed how published authors use different kinds of words to express their main points and themes? This is the power of words and you cannot deny it.

An essay writing service also acknowledges this fact and works on building it’s writers’ competency and ability to learn and implement new words and phrases.

Following are some helpful and easy ways of working on your vocabulary and adding new words effectively.



  1. Make a Reading Habit: Without reading you cannot expect to learn new words and use them in your daily writing and speaking. Read from different sources and make a habit and routine for it. Dedicate 30 minutes to one hour for daily reading and stick to it consistently.
  1. Maintain a Personal Journal: Maintain a journal where you will collect new words and phrases. Keep the journal with you when reading and write down the new words, phrases and expressions that you may find in it. Collect it in one place and date it accordingly.
  1. Get a Personal Dictionary and Thesaurus: Have a dictionary and thesaurus nearby and with you when working on your vocabulary. Check the meaning of the new words and look for its different implications and synonyms. Write the meanings opposite it so that you can memorize and revise them. Good vocabulary is important for effective and high quality write my essay.
  1. Practice Daily: Practice the usage of these words. Once you have found the words for the day, try to use it in different sentences and ways. Maintain a writing journal and see how can you use the words in writing. Search online for different options.
  1. Get into Word Games: Word games are great to learn new words. Games like Crosswords and Scrabble are great for students to work their mind and form new words. Besides students, these games benefit learners of every age and help them discover new words and expressions. 



In addition to that, You should do my paper logical by simplifying the writing process for you. Keep in mind that all the essay paragraphs will be based on the main idea. So, it is important to express the central idea in a brief, clear an intelligible way. You might be thinking that do all types of essays require a thesis statement. Sorry to disappoint you but yes, it is a fundamental element in nearly all types of academic papers. 

There are 5 simple steps to write a perfect thesis statement for an essay. 

  • Choose a topic that fits the type of essay you are assigned. The topic should be specific and interesting in one way or another. 
  • Brainstorm ideas and ask yourself questions like What do I think about the essay topic? And Why do I think that? You can also create a rough list of your ideas or freewriting on your topic until you have the required information to form an opinion. 
  • Look at all of the ideas to make an opinion on the topic you are writing about. 
  • Write a sentence to connect your central topic of the essay to your point of view. Make sure you use words to minutes while writing. it shows your perspective towards the topic in a clear and understandable manner. This is the thesis statement. 
  • Have a look at your thesis statement one last time and ask yourself some questions such as Is it interesting to the reader? Is it too general? Does this statement make a strong claim? If the thesis statement has the answers to these questions. Then you are good to go and start writing the rest of the essay. 

Imagine how difficult it would be to write an essay when having no idea what to write about. What if you have experienced it? The way to come out from that situation is by writing a good thesis statement. It is a great help to make your way through the whole writing process. 

The above guidelines will help you write a good thesis statement. But if you find it difficult to craft a perfect thesis for your paper, you can contact an online write my paper for me service and choose a dedicated professional writer to listen to your requirements and work through the process of creating a perfect thesis statement for your essay from start to end. 


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